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Digital Menu

We make real-time product catalog creation easy. Easily keep your information up to date, from prices to images and descriptions. Additionally, take advantage of the option to add promotions and daily menus easily to boost sales and satisfy your customers.

  • Self-administrable.
  • Real-time changes.
  • Promotional carousel.
  • Printing savings.
  • Paper reduction.
  • Unlimited QR scans.
  • Upsell capability.

Try our demo!

Present your menu attractively and ensure a simple and accessible browsing experience for your customers.

Try our demo!

Present your menu attractively and ensure a simple and accessible browsing experience for your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

A digital menu is an electronic version of a restaurant's traditional menu that customers can access through a QR code. The digital menu operates through an internet connection and can be managed and updated in real-time.

A digital menu can provide an enhanced customer experience by offering more attractive options, real-time updates, and a more interactive format. It can also help reduce customer wait times and improve restaurant operation efficiency.

Yes, our digital menu allows for design customization to reflect the restaurant's brand and style, as well as the addition of promotional banners.

You can add or remove items from the digital menu through the control panel, including: logo, products (image, description, prices, and sizes), categories, contact information, social media, hours of operation, about us, chefs, video, download file, photo gallery, and promotional banners.

With a digital menu, changes to the menu and prices can be updated in real-time, ensuring that customers always see the updated information.

Customers can access the digital menu through a mobile device. It is also important to ensure that the digital menu is located in a visible and accessible location.
We ensure that the service is always available. We use state-of-the-art servers located in the DataBank certified SAS70 Type II TIER III+ data center, located within the DataBank building in the financial center of Dallas, Texas. It has 12 redundant power sources, N+1 redundancy, multiple layers of security, and access via biometric hand scanning. Using the same power source as the Dallas 911.

Yes, our system is self-administered so that you can make updates in real-time, meaning that changes can be made and reflected in the digital menu in a matter of seconds.