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Digital Invitations

Add a special touch to your events with unique and personalized digital invitations. Whether it's a high-energy birthday party or an elegant wedding, our interactive designs, time-saving features, and commitment to the environment make sharing special moments exciting.

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  • Ecological Impact
Attendance Confirmation

Easily confirm your guest list

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Add your favorite song


Share memorable moments with your guests


Ceremony venue, hall, and accommodations

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Receive messages with photos on the day of your event and save them forever.

Thematic Designs

Add a special touch to your children's invitation according to the theme.

Sweet Sixteen

Surprise your guests with an elegant invitation for your party.


Elegant designs for your wedding, share this special day with style!


Make every invitation a unique memory. Design yours and start creating unforgettable moments.

$800 MXN

$47 USD

Digital Invitations
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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital invitations are electronic versions of traditional paper invitations. They are shared through QR codes, WhatsApp, social media, or email and allow for customization and interactive elements.

Our service allows you to select a design, customize event details, and add interactive information. Then, you can send the invitations to your guests.

Certainly! We offer a wide range of thematic designs. You can customize colors, fonts, and add special details to match the occasion.

Yes, you can add links to maps, event-related websites, gift lists, and more to make the experience even more convenient for your guests.

Yes, we provide tools to track your guests' responses, making it easier to manage the guest list.

Yes, we take privacy seriously for your data and your guests' data. We use security measures to protect the information and ensure that invitations only reach those who should receive them.

No, our service is intuitive and easy to use. Advanced technical skills are not required. Our support team is available to assist you if you have any questions.

Yes, you can make changes to invitation details after sending them. This is especially useful if there are last-minute updates.

Absolutely, by eliminating the need for paper and physical transportation, digital invitations are an eco-friendly option that helps reduce waste and carbon footprint.